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AT&T Adds HBO as Unlimited Data Plan Bonus

The unlimited data plan wars continue to heat up. AT&T has announced that customers of its Unlimited Plus wireless plan who also subscribe to AT&T-owned TV services like DirecTV, DirecTV Now, and U-Verse will also get HBO for free. In addition, streaming HBO will not count against the 22 GB soft bandwidth cap. Unlimited Plus customers will also receive a $25 per month credit toward the aforementioned TV services. If you live in an AT&T service area, that’s a sweet deal if you want unlimited mobile Internet, TV service, and HBO (which usually costs about $15 per month on its own).favicon follow link


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foundationcitizen  2017-04-15 17:10
NOTE, the new ATT plans eliminate the hotspot option! I love the hotspot option and use it all the time. Even in places like starbucks, I often find my hotspot to be a better option for me to get online with my computer, rather than use a crowded bandwidth in the coffee shop. Also, at my last hotel, they offered me $9.99 per day for wifi--I said no, and used my hotspot for free, high flying on the internet for 3 days. All the new plans with ATT secretly (sort of) eliminate that option, so beware. Otherwise, it is a no brainer.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-04-17 13:52
Yep, that's covered in :-(