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Pages 6.2, Numbers 4.2, and Keynote 7.2 for Mac

Apple has released updates to its trio of iWork apps for the Mac — Pages 6.2, Numbers 4.2, and Keynote 7.2 — with all three receiving the capability to reply to comments, with each person in the thread receiving a unique color and author identification. They also all gain a library with over 500 professionally drawn shapes in categories such as objects, animals, nature, transportation, arts, and more. In addition, the three iWork apps receive a new Auto-Correction pane that enables you to set up text replacements, enhanced support for Hebrew and Arabic languages, and improved Stock and Currency functions that return data from the previous market day’s close.

Pages improves on its desktop publishing powers by bringing back the capability to link text boxes (missing since the release of version 5.0, as noted by Michael Cohen at the Take Control Blog) and adding support for exporting documents as fixed layout EPUB books. Numbers adds support for print preview in collaborative spreadsheets, while Keynote enables you to scroll anywhere with new pan and zoom options plus edit presenter notes while displaying slides in Light Table view. Apple updated the iOS editions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to version 3.2 with the same additions and improvements as their Mac counterparts. (Free for all apps; Pages, 237 MB; Numbers, 176 MB; Keynote, 474 MB; all three require 10.12+)


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Comments about Pages 6.2, Numbers 4.2, and Keynote 7.2 for Mac
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Craig Cruden  2017-06-14 05:56
Updates available if you are running Sierra (macbook in this case); El Cap (Mac Pro 2008) there were no updates made available.
Tom Gewecke  2017-06-14 08:03
I think updates for the versions usable in El Capitan ended a year ago. Since last September you need Sierra for anything new in iWork.
Craig Cruden  2017-06-14 10:01
It is the first time I have noticed it. Since the Mac Pro has been at nearly 100% of CPU for 6 months straight -- I have been using my Macbook 2015 for day-to-day stuff... but when I see updates land on it I go back to the Mac Pro to update there as well.... this was the first time I noticed it. It was more as a FYI situation because I realize going forward it will happen more and more .... since it is considered obsolete. I could update it to Sierra through a hack (pretty easy) which I might do at High Sierra if it is the same -- but I realize that after that it likely is going to be harder and harder. It still serves it's purpose well, and gives me time to see what is coming down the line for headless macs (I have aversions to all-in-ones due to the fact that after the hard drive the monitor is the next most likely failure point).
Miro Lucassen  2017-06-20 06:44
Careful: for scientific writing, Pages 6.2 comes with a new EndNote plug-in (3.0) that cripples formatting of in-text citations. They are now always formatted with first and last names of all authors, which breaks e.g. APA rules. Reference list is okay, but in-text not. Bug report has been filed.