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Twitter Doubling Character Limit to 280

Say it isn’t so! Twitter has announced that it is doubling the character limit for tweets from 140 to 280, nominally to allow those who write in languages like English, French, and Spanish to express as much information as those who write in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Twitter is rolling the feature out slowly, and so far the accounts with the new 280-character limit are being as obnoxious as possible about it. But what else would you expect?favicon follow link


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Adam will probably delete my comment as being political and/or off subject but I hate to think how large our president's social media soapbox is about to become with twice the space.
I admit, I also thought about that.

Twitter has made quite clear they will continue to benefit from the traffic generated by his tweets no matter how offensive or how inflammatory. The only thing that would get Twitter to come to its senses is that all who oppose that kind of bullying simply stop using Twitter. No tweeting, no retweeting, no quoting, not even reading. Alas, people appear addicted to social media and prefer to tweet on instead of act. So he keeps baiting and Twitter keeps earning. But make no mistake, there would be a simple solution to end all this nonsense in a heartbeat.