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Me, Myself, and A⍰

A bizarre bug is afflicting some iOS 11.1 users: the letter “i” is being autocorrected to the letter “A” followed by a question mark in a box: A⍰. Until Apple can fix the bug in the next update to iOS, the company recommends using iOS’s text replacement feature (Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement) to substitute an uppercase “I” whenever you type a lowercase “i.” How did this get past the beta phase?favicon follow link


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Tom Gewecke  2017-11-07 14:52
The ? in a box represents the Unicode character FE0F, Variation Selector-16, which is supposed to signal that what precedes is displayed as emoji (color) instead of text (black/white). It's never used, however, with letters of the alphabet. I saw one speculation that the bug is caused by something in the machine learning system.
Tom Gewecke  2017-11-08 07:53
There seems to be another variety of this glitch, where the sender sees things ok but the recipient sees "I䷀".
Steve Nicholson  2017-11-09 11:30
I️ ran into this for the first time today. Apparently I’m getting a variant on the “A”.
Here's xkcd's take on this strange bug.
Tom Gewecke  2017-11-09 21:24
New update from apple to fix it