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iOS 11 Calculator Lags Cause Errors

If you type 1+2+3= in iOS 11’s Calculator app quickly, you may get 24 instead of 6. The problem is a delay in recognizing taps on all the operation buttons. Thus, in the example above, the second + is ignored, so you’ve instead typed 1+23=. If you type 1+2+3= slowly, making sure that the operator button activates on each tap, Calculator works correctly. We hope Apple fixes this embarrassing bug in the next update to iOS 11. In the meantime, Siri works well for simple calculations, and for those who need a serious calculator, PCalc is the gold standard.favicon follow link


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Steve Nicholson  2017-11-09 11:28
And PCalc Lite is the is the gold standard for people (like my wife) who need a serious, but free, calculator.
Steve Harmony  2017-11-11 15:13
The bug predates 11.1, it’s in iOS 11.0.3 on my iPhone 7
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-11-11 17:20
Good to know — we didn't have a pre-11.1 device to test.
I have an iPhone 6+ with the very latest Public Beta and this lag/bug still shows up system-wide, starting with the login screen. All apps are affected, but not all the time. Before iOS 11 it was not there.