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Amazon Still Promising Prime Video App for Apple TV in 2017

The Apple TV often feels like a forgotten middle child. Apple’s most exciting announcement for it this year wasn’t a new feature, but an app: Amazon Prime Video, which would let customers view movies and shows purchased from Amazon and stream titles — including Amazon’s original programming — included for free with Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Amazon’s video app is nearly as widespread as Netflix. It’s available on my Sony TV, my Amazon Fire Stick, my PlayStation 4, and even my Nintendo Wii U. Outside of my toaster, it seems that the only device in my house that can’t stream video from Amazon is my Apple TV. (And inside a toaster, it’s awfully hot.)

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple and Amazon finally announced that we would be able to watch Amazon video natively on the Apple TV by the end of the year (see “Apple TV to Get Amazon Prime Video and More Later in 2017,” 5 June 2017). TidBITS readers are champing at the bit for this app! Every time I write anything about the Apple TV, readers ask where the Amazon Prime Video app is.

But it’s December, and Amazon Prime Video for the Apple TV remains vaporware. Is it still due in 2017? Surprisingly, yes. Amazon public relations told me, “Thanks for checking in. Yes, you can expect the launch this year.”

So there you have it — at least Amazon PR is on the record as promising the Amazon Prime Video app before 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for it becoming available any day now for your fourth-generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K.

That said, the cynic in me could imagine Amazon shipping the app late in the month to avoid cutting into holiday sales of Amazon Fire TV devices.


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Comments about Amazon Still Promising Prime Video App for Apple TV in 2017
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Steve Werner  2017-12-01 18:01
Thanks for the good news, Josh!
Yorick  2017-12-01 19:23
If they finally ship it, I may actually sign up for Prime. Sure I have it on my MacBook and my LG TV, but for ease I really like the simple interface of AppleTV vs streaming from my Mac or using the LH interface.
Dennis B. Swaney  2017-12-04 22:20
I was hoping it would be out before the start of the second season of "The Grand Tour" on Dec 8th.
Dennis B. Swaney  2017-12-08 22:10
I had to update my TV to tvOS 11.1 for the app to work, but I was able to watch the GT season 2 premiere!
Jonathan Baldwin  2017-12-05 03:14
4K version and iTunes content upgrade was a pretty good announcement...
Amazon might be operating on academic years, like me!