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Apple Relents on Templated Apps and Drops Developer Fee for Nonprofits

We reported previously that Apple had started banning apps built using templates or app generators — tools relied on by small businesses and organizations that couldn’t afford their own developers. After significant criticism, Apple has now revised its rules with a compromise: templated apps are kosher, as long as they are issued by the provider of the app’s content, rather than the company that makes the app generator. That will require such organizations to pay for the $99-per-year Apple Developer Program. Separately, Apple said it would start waiving the developer fee for nonprofits and government agencies in early 2018.favicon follow link


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Firitia  2017-12-29 00:57
Why should the government have anything for free? Do they give anything back for it? And they can raise the taxes anytime they need money.
Apple is a private company — they can do this if they want to. And it’s certainly not something that I’d spend anytime complaining about.